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Now you can have my personal Forex Swing Trades executed in your FX Account (100% automatically) and gain 100-300 pips/week without trading yourself!

As you are satisfied with my signals posted on the Telegram Channel but you missed a lot of pips since your time schedule won‚Äôt allow you to follow all my signals or the best entries… I decided to give you the unique opportunity to have my personal FX trades copied exactly into your broker account (100% automatically) with NO delay ‘¬†and freeing up your personal Time opening or closing a trade by using my hands-free PRE Trade Copier Service.

Connect your trading account to my trading account and enjoy hands-free profits averaging 5%-10% ROI per month (85%+ per annum). This option is perfect if you want to watch your money grow hands-free, or even if you’re just learning so you can earn while you learn.

How does PRE Trade Copier Work?

PRE Trade Copier will copy each of my personal trades that I take, from my personal MT4¬†trading station to a number of slave MT4/MT5 (yours) around the world via the internet using a software. It is advisable to run the slave account (yours) on a VPS (just $15/month)¬†that is 365 days/year opened in order that you to don‚Äôt miss any of my own trades.¬†The connection is 100% guaranteed.¬† You can have multiple MT4′ opened on the same broker FX account, on the VPS, on your computer/smartphone. After you set up the VPS, you can forget about it and only check the trades from your computer/smartphone MT4.¬†No need to worry about missing a trade on your account, ever!¬†

What currency pair prefix/suffix supports? 

The PRE Trade Copier supports prefix and suffix as for example, GBPUSDfx, iGBPUSDecn etc, with every broker on both MT4 and MT5 platform. There is no minimum amount required of money that you will need in your Broker FX Account.

How many fx accounts can I connect? 

You will receive 1 Licence/Subscription. You will be able to connect one FX/MT4 Account. If you have more accounts that you want to be traded, you will have to purchase more subscriptions.

What Kind of FX Strategy do you use?

I use simple price action technical analysis based on my 6+ years of experience in the Forex Market.

How many Pips per month should I expect?

Using my Forex strategies, I trade big swings with heavy lots from daily to 4hr time frames. I target 5-10%+ growth per month.¬†You can expect an average of 5-20 trades a week as a result of 100 ‚Äď 300 pips per week. You can see the Live Results Here.

*This is a target, not a guarantee. Some months may be more, some may be less. I provide 3rd-party verification so you can see past performance* 

Trading Time/Fx Sessions

Most of the swing trades I will execute in London & New York Sessions.

Manage (PAMM) my Forex account/funds?

No, I only provide the PRE Trade Copier Software which is linked to my personal MT4 Live Account as I explained. You are fully responsible for the account following your Money Risk Management rules in the software settings. (please see below)

What is the best Forex Broker that you recommend?

Personally, I have trade with GlobalPrime¬†for years without having any issues. All PRE Trade Copier orders¬†are executed on my MT4 live account from¬†GlobalPrime. I recommend the¬†GlobalPrime¬†premium¬†account¬†with leverage from 1:100 ‚Äď 1:200. It has the lowest commissions and spreads.¬†¬†

*After you open the link, click on the blue button “Create New Account” and follow the steps provided.*

How can I trust you?

From the offset, I provide a 3rd-party verified track record, wich you can view HERE. The most important aspect of running my business is the 100% transparency I provide to my clients.

How do I start?

After sign-up, you will receive a very easy to use software plus a PDF guide. (setup and configuration are done in a few clicks)

Need Help?

If you need help to setup your PRE Trade Copier or you want me to do this for you, then please let me know by replying the confirmation email I will send you after purchase. I do the setup of the PRE Trade Copier in less than 3 min. via Team Viewer. The free tool Team Viewer solves issues remotely. Please download here (click) to prepare our remote session.


Benefits of Using the PRE Trade Copier:

  • Time Freedom. Set and Forget! Watch your account grow!
  • You can forget about the hustle of watching the Forex Market or taking signals.
  • All the swing trades are based on low risk & proven strategies (6+ years experience).
  • The trades, SL & TP will be copied/placed 100% automate in your own forex account.
  • Only you have access/control to your account and you can cancel/edit the order/trade at any time you want.
  • 100% Transparency.¬†I provide a 3rd-party verified track record of the trades I take.
Forex Time Freedom

Upon signing up with the PRE Trade Copier Service you acknowledge the Risk Warning & Cancellation/Refund Policy.

‚ėϬ†STEP 1:

¬† ¬† ¬†Subscription¬†‚ā¨97 ‚ā¨49/month

  • Cancel anytime
  • Supports both MT4 and MT5 platform
  • Automated instant order execution¬†
  • Personal Lot & Money Management¬†
  • ECN support
  • 4digits/5digits support
  • Demo accounts/live accounts support
  • 24/7 customer support

‚ėϬ†STEP 2: Get your VPS for just $15/month (2 slices) incl. Windows Server Standard 2012/16. Only with a VPS, you won‚Äôt miss any of my trades!

Best Forex VPS


Get your Windows VPS here!

  • Located in the same data center with my servers
  • Windows server included
  • 24h/7 support
  • $10 monthly each slice


*In order not to miss any of my trades resulting from your computer being turned off, you will need a computer that is turned ON non-stop = a VPS.

Tutorial: How to install the PRE Trade Copier Tutorial / VPS Setup

All My Trades are Copied Automatically in Your Account

You have Full Control over your Money Management

Use your own Risk Management 100% Customizable